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Psychic Redemption:Spiritual Quest for Truth absorbs the reader in suspense as a sixteen-year-old girl, Julie Gustafson, returns from the dead to find the baby she never saw. It is a novel riveting and intimate, capturing the possibility that a restless spirit could possess a human soul to complete its journey. Psychic Redemption opens when Bonnie McConnell suffers an unexplained seizure. After diagnosis, a psychiatrist and a hypnotist confirm that the seizure resulted from the invasion of Bonnie's soul by Julie's spirit. The search for Julie's baby leads Bonnie into escapades with a dangerous gang, the Swamp Rattlers and the gang's leader, Cody Wilkins. When the search concludes, Julie's quest is complete but Bonnie's life changes forever. Psychic Redemption is a gripping novel about spiritual fulfillment, childish innocence, and a mother's love.

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