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Psychic Redemption: Spiritual Quest for Truth David W. Stewart Trafford Publishing (2009) ISBN 9781425139711 Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/09) Having a seizure while playing a game with friends, EMT Bonnie McConnell discovers that her life has been altered forever. Still feeling despondent over the loss of her husband and son, Bonnie makes what appears to be a simple request to the universe. She states, “Show me the truth.” She is soon to discover that this request is more complicated than anything that she could have imagined. While trying to find the cause of her seizure she is led to a forensic hypnotist who helps her to discover that she has inadvertently invited the spirit of a murdered 16-year-old girl into her body. This spirit, Julie Gustafson, had just given birth at the time of her demise thirty years ago. Desperate to find out what happened to her child, which had been taken from her and sold, Julie cannot find peace until she knows the real truth. Finding this truth turns out to be very dangerous for Bonnie because there are people who do not want their secrets to come out. Involving the police and very supportive friends, Bonnie sets out to help Julie learn what happened. This gets her involved with a dangerous gang that has no intentions of letting anyone get in the way of their nefarious plans. The spirit of Julie is able to use much of her powers to help Bonnie find answers. To make matters more interesting and complex, there are ancient powers at work that must be handled very carefully or there will be even more danger for everyone involved. Bonnie wants to help Julie find her answers so that she can have peace, and Julie wants Bonnie to learn to her embrace her life and start living again. Since she is no longer alive, she doesn’t want to see Bonnie’s life to be wasted when she can have so much. Of course the ideas of a street-wise sixteen-year-old don’t always mesh with the ideas of a thirty-something-year-old woman. But this issue also adds a lot of flavor to the adventure. I totally found myself engrossed in “Psychic Redemption.” It was refreshing to read a paranormal story that contains some very unique elements and surprises. The character development is also exceptional. Each person involved in the story has their eccentricities that make them seem more real and more human. The paranormal elements do not allow the mysterious aspect of the novel to follow a mundane pattern; instead they help take the reader on a further adventure into the story. I highly recommend reading this book!

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