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Within the Wind is a paranormal suspense novel that presents an original perception of spiritual possession. Teilhard de Chardin, a French priest, philosopher, and mystic said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Rarely has modern fiction or the media presented spiritual possession in this guise. In the novels, Psychic Redemption and Within the Wind, I have tried to present this notion that the spiritual world is egoless and eternal, whereas the temporal life is self-centered and impermanent. Spiritual possession is a confrontation between the soul, its natural spirit and the invading errant spirit. Within the Wind presents a realistic description of the hurricane experience in Florida. I have personally experienced at least twenty hurricanes, including two of the most costly, the 1944 Cuba-Florida Hurricane and Hurricane Donna in 1960. My descriptions of the hurricanes are based on personal observation, including the nature of the “eye”. Bonnie McConnell is a strong protagonist, who faces challenges with courage and intelligence. The character of Bonnie is an amalgamation of several admirable women that I have known and admired during my lifetime. She is not a carbon copy of any of them, but she has characteristics that any one of them could have exhibited. Ladamien and Aggie Upton handle the difficulties of a mixed marriage with resolve and understanding. They have managed to overcome issues of race and class to raise their son in a non-racist environment. In one of the original drafts, I made a point of the conflicts between Aggie’s father and Ladamien but decided it was better to show how they had avoided prejudice as much as possible. Ladamien is an example of how good people are trapped in bad circumstances. As a grant-writing consultant for twelve years, I dealt with many underprivileged communities and individuals. The way out of poverty is not always straightforward and it is not easy for young individuals to avoid the pitfalls of gangs and crime. Clearly, there are alternatives, but they are often not attractive or easily available. Large gangs, in particular, appear to offer the same sense of identity, community, and financial security as legitimate businesses and organizations.

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