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Cabrera Landing

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Retired businessman Leon Wetherby buys an historic property on the northern boundary of the Indian River Lagoon. When he observes ghostly images from the past, he solicits the aid of reporter Annabel Latham and psychic Lady Victoria to uncover the mysteries of Cabrera Landing. I am currently writing this novel, which is in the Fantasy/Parallel Universe genre.

The Reiss Conspiracy

Reiss Spiral.jpg

I am working on a fourth novel, The Reiss Conspiracy, an international intrique. What happens when a major industrialist plots to change the international rules of commerce? Bryn Reiss has left her position at Reiss-Stipson Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals to oppose a system of anti-trust litigation that she sees as a threat to global prosperity. Zachary Lungstrom, a consultant to several national powers is set on stopping her and increasing national control over international commerce.

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